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  • USH Part 3 Coming Soon...
    USH Part 3 Coming Soon...
  • Introducing the first RBG Partner, Haley "TBelle" Baker!!!
    Introducing the first RBG Partner, Haley "TBelle" Baker!!!
  • Returning Eventually!
    Returning Eventually!
  • Also...returning eventually!
    Also...returning eventually!
USH Part 3 Coming Soon...
USH Part 3 Coming Soon...

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Spazz In General: Universal Studios Hollywood, Part 3

Update 2/11/2014

In light of recent unpleasantness, I must make the following statement.

Over the course of the past two years, several allegations of ill intent and misconduct have been made against the company and website known as Project Million Entertainment, as well as its President and CEO. The claims have come mainly from their former employees (to use a term loosely), and affiliates. Including yours truly, and while I apologize for any of my past statements, though said with the least amount of malice, I cannot forgive these recent statements by the leading body of Project Million Entertainment.

Ergo, I, Charlie James Callahan, also known as Spazz Master, head of Rebel Band Geek Productions, will no longer endorse any future or past endeavors made in association with Robert Demers, Gerry Demers, and Project Million Entertainment. All video and link postings made for their promotion will be deleted from every site I have made them available. This includes GeekVision.tv, Blip.tv, as well as the Rebel Band Geek Productions home page, spazzmaster8705.webs.com. I also implore my fellow colleagues to do the same.

Whether these allegations are true or false, I cannot deny the overwhelming amount of evidence from the parties in question. To quote Freidrich Nietzsche, “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”



Update 3/24/2013

...so yeah, I've been using my facebook page more lately...probably a good indiactor why there hasn't been much activity here.

In all seriousness, there's been a LOT of things happening lately. First, as mentioned in the slider, the Universal Studios Hollywood review is coming out in April, and I've been writing like a mad man! Ask Haley. Though recently, the writing's devolved into a bit of a hobby, as (second) I've found a new job! It's your standard 8/5 (hour/days-a-week) desk job...honestly never thought I'd have one of those, but it's a job, and one I'm happy with, so that's a plus! However, that does mean updates from me in ANY form will be scarce, but don't fret, for my /rbgprods YouTube channel has been seeing activity as well!

Every week or two, I've been reposting the old videos, from the ITH days up to now. This also gives me the chance to update not only some of the title cards, but pulling a Lucas on them a little bit. Mostly so the videos aren't blowing out eardrums. Occasionally though, I'll alter a few things in the video to suit my current feelings towards certain subjects, and coming up in the Ghostbusters Fan Flicks video, I'll flat out grind the video to a hault to explain where my head was at that time. But all the videos will be in their original form on blip and...pretty much everywhere else I lay my digital head.

Speaking of blip, I finally got an Enhanced Page! So if you have facebook, go ahead and gimmie a follow! Have a page of your own? Recommend mine! ...I sound like such a whore right now.

Lastly...I was in a movie...here's a trailer.

Okay, until next time everyone!